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They weigh nothing and are cheap. I also think the angle of the movement and shallow scraping of the safety pin makes it hard to truly gouge wooden floors. Thanks AmandaJean. The speed of your movements and how fast you run the sewing machine both work together to … I’m a 100% quilting virgin, so don’t have a favorite basting method, but the pin basting looks like the easiest to me. I know safety pins are not toxic, lol. I have always used "good" masking tape (the cheap brands never work) and sometimes the masking tape doesn't stick to the fabric. Thanks for the interest! It may look like that, but that’s a technique I haven’t tried. The machine's feed dogs are lowered when you use free motion machine quilting techniques, so nothing is in place under the quilt sandwich to guide it along. Layering them and getting them ready to be bound forever in quilt matrimony is a reeeallly important step. Thanks so much! When I layer I use these toothpicks to keep everything centered and lined up. When you are basting with safety pins do you start in the middle, or at the edge, or where? Traded black walnuts for a friend at church to make the risers. (I go back and forth on which I like better, so I tend to use both…maybe less hand fatigue by changing the size of the grip?). Could you tell me please what basting pins you use? But I guess it doesn't if you do this method all the time. 4) Do you NOT tape down the batting or top of your quilt?And finally, I saw those cool little scissors you had in a picture a few blog posts ago when you talked about snipping off all of the hanging threads. It's easier for me to keep it straight and smooth that way. Fingers crossed :). Anyway, I bet the duct tape sticks to everything! Thank you for your continuing tutorials. It’s one of my very favorite quilting tools. Duct tape has been so much better!Hope that helps!AJ. I'm usually just trying to get it done at the basting stage. I’m a mold-breaker in one way, but traditional in others. Learning a lot. oh dear, I try to read your tips until the end but your triangle quilts distracted me (in a good way , of course!) That way you don’t have to worry about the overspray . I’ve taken to pin-basting on the big tables at the library. Did this quilt pattern ever come out? (End Rant.). I learned a lot this afternoon.Thanky you so much. And you need to open them up to use them on the next quilt, right? A basting spray is designed to glue the different layers of a quilt together temporarily. There is something to be said for reverse scissors (not sure of the proper terminology). I think I’ll stick with pin basting. Genius! This is one of the ways I’m able to support myself and continue writing free content. Which leads to me ask…how do you avoid scratching your wooden floors while pin basting? Though now I'm wondering if I should roll up my dining room rug to see if there are any small scratches in the floor! :) I would also add that GOOD safety pins for basting cannot be may have never tried to baste with cruddy ones, but I have and it is maddening! Sometimes I recommend products, and if you click on those links, I may earn a small commission. After the layers are held firmly, you can sew them permanently with a quilting machine. When I first started quilting, I really didn't think it was a big deal but learned (after quilting tucks into the backing) just how important it really is. I have only tried pinning once. We have a (hardly used) ping pong table that can be folded up or even just one or both sides folded down and that has been my go to table for laying out my quilts now. I pin baste as well but not on my floor. It doesn't cause any problem with puckers either! Machine Binding with Glue-Basting At the last STLMQG meeting, a lady and I were talking about binding and she was asking how I finish mine entirely by machine, no hand stitching whatsoever. Personally I prefer straight safety pins that are on the smaller side. I ran right thru a pin head. She would tuck everything in and see it closed, but I’m worried that I don’t really understand how she did this. I'm not a big fan of basting, and sometimes have unfortunate finger meets pin incidents, but it is worth doing well. My guess is not since you keep doing it. If you’re going to be basting big quilts though, you do need a pretty big table. I bought some cheap clamps and it’s a piece of cake to whizz around the table on a wheely chair – no bending or kneeling necessary! Triangle Jitters Quilt Pattern (Download). If you are new to quilting it can be hard to know where to start, and disappointing to finish a quilt only to notice the back is full of puckers and folds. This tutorial will show you 3 different ways to baste a quilt. I think basting guns are pretty annoying, but could be a good option if you have back or knew issues and basting with pins or spray is too labor intensive. Great roundup of ideas! Hope that helps!AJ, Needle Little Balance, I cover my thoughts of basting quilts in the introduction post. Either way, it's on the quilt back, the parts that will be trimmed off after quilting. If you look on the left side of the photo, notice the bright pink strip peeking out....that strip runs all the way across the width of the quilt back. Or do you just have straight safety pins? Ooops, looks like we were commenting at the same time. If I’m basting a quilt, I’m pin basting. It’s helped me so much. Hi, I pin basted my very first quilt, and now have all of these little holes in my fabric pieces Do you have any recommendations how to get rid of all of these little holes? So, that's how I baste a quilt. Honestly, I hate the process of spraying. Favourite methods for basting quilts are a very personal thing and you may have to try different methods and variations to find one that suits you. Take one of your safety pins and scratch the floor lightly and then gradually harder. With a quilt top, if you stretch it too tight you can see the seams pull and look stressed. I use blue painters and only occasionally have not had it stick. If you’re pulling it as tight as possible and taping that to the floor, chances are it’s too tight. Pinning is also way cheaper! If you have access to Folding tables – the kind with formica or 3/4′ wood tops, you are also in like flint! like 27mm or 37mm? Pingback: 6 Tips for Straight Line Machine Quilting (a.k.a. I also have a pair of reverse tweezers that I couldn't live without when sewing.Sorry for the long post - GREAT tutorials, keep them coming. Good luck with the quilting! xo. Buy proper quilting pins with a curve. :o)2) Does the masking tape leave sticky on your floor? I have thread basted since my first quilt about 10 years ago and still prefer this method. Okay, maybe I will get brave and pin baste. Thank you for your so clear tutorials. The quilter is in total control of the motion. You can read more about my basting and quilting process in this article: How to Machine Quilt. Try this direct link –, What are your thoughts on using water soluble thread for machine basting once the safety pins are in? Will get more before next project. No overspray on the floor and does a great job. I picked up a few 'refinements' to make basting a fun - no, wait - more pleasant experience. Glad you are back to the 101 series. haha. Then once the quilting is completed, you will trim the excess off (also called squaring up the quilt) – so that the top, batting, & backing are all the same size….Then you begin the binding process. Thanks for sharing your creativity and style with us. makes so much sense!!!!! such a detailed tutorial, trouble is I do not have your floor space! First time quilter here with a beginner’s question: do my quilt top & backing fabric need to be ironed/pressed before I pin baste it? I find that my machine quilting is more acurate and even.In any event it is sort of the pain in the you know part of making the quilt. I baste my quilts in my front entryway, so before I get started I remove all rugs and (kinda sorta) clean my floor. I’ve also heard that long arm quilters will baste for a small fee. Pingback: Gather Quilt Pattern: Total HST Madness! Pingback: Quilting Technique Questions – Answered: Part III - Suzy Quilts. It’s much easier to use water soluble thread for basting so you don’t have to worry about ripping out the basting stitches as you quilt your quilt. Her’e’s the link, but feel free to remove it from the post if there are restrictions on your site. ok – i’m a beginner quilter here…have a couple baby quilts and rag quilts under my belt. I’ve been meaning to give spray basting a go, but have been worried about getting that stuff everywhere, and the fumes in the winter (-20 is not ideal for having windows open for any stretch of time! I have a suspicion I'm doing it wrong and want to see! I'm terrified I'm going to mess it up when I start doing all this fun stuff! i believe i’m won over by pin basting…due to my cheapness as well as disdain for cleaning up stick stuff… and I don’t have a sweet table to lay the quilt on. I am really looking forward to the actual quilting. Sorry for the repeat questions that you answered. Gently smooth them out. xo. I have hardwood floors and not the newer stuff. Very elaborately explained with lots of pictures: GREAT!! Some wooden floors may be softer than others, thought, so I suppose how easily they can be scratched depends on your floor materials. I use a table from Costco, find the center of all, and use bulldog clips. Get it here! Spray it with a little water – this will make the fold creases relax. I recently quilted and pin-basted a top and the backing was starched, ironed and very stiff and flat. I do use those scraps eventually, and I haven't had a problem with it as of yet. Thanks again for sharing your talents. You can do it on a design wall (which is a great way to not spend time on your hands and knees on the floor.). It’s fun and not boring! I like the medium sized curved pins. All sewing machines have a basting stitch. The additional height means I don't have to bend over so far and makes for more comfort. As a cancer survivor, I don't like breathing in anything toxic. I've basted six quilts on recently re-polished parquetry and haven't noticed any marks despite often stabbing the floor.My additional tips for new quilters are:1. That's exactly what I do except I can't do it down on the floor any more. Hence looking for a new way to baste . Thanks so much for doing Machine Quilting 101. The quilt sandwich is made up of the quilt top, the batting, and the quilt's backing. If you’re making art quilts, washing out the basting spray isn’t necessary. Or the pins will get in the way once I start outlining my quilting design with a water pin. So no tape or spray expense. Indian Summer is my favorite of you patterns (so far! You just might have a convert. Its been very helpful to me. I have a question: Do all spray bastes have to be washed/rinsed out? Depending on how densely you quilt it, you can lose an inch or two during the process. Must invest in some of those safety pins as I have to tack and that is no fun. I am 75 and the floor thing does not work for me. my first book, written with Cheryl Arkison. Your tutorial is great and shows how important it is to take you time with this step! However, it is a … So far, it has worked for me, but it would be a whole lot easier not to hassle with that! Thank you! Maybe we’ll catch each other there! That means I would have a free hand to fold laundry at the same time. New to sewing? Layering and basting a quilt sandwich is a job that should be done carefully, because it effects the quality of your finished quilt. Hey Terri! Great tutorial. For now, back to week 18 of our 25 week QAL based on my book, 25 Days to Better Machine Quilting. The world may never know, haha. That was helpful! What were your thoughts about that one? . That is one drawback with pin basting. Hope you're going to share some clues about how to prevent this in the future. I am unsure of how to sew the corners of the outside. If you are someone who is not fond of poking pins in the fabric, then this method is a great alternative. Although, unlike you, it’s still my least favourite step in the quilting journey Podcasts and music do make it somewhat more enjoyable! Washing the quilt removes the thread basting…, Water soluble thread is new to me! I’m definitely bookmarking this post for when I decide to embark on my first quilt. Thanks so much I’ll just wander the store to see what I find Do you have curved pins? Bought 3 of them and when I have a few quilts to baste, set them up as one big square and so far all of my quilts have fit (I do some pretty big quilts). Until I saw the picture, I thought “thin” was regarding the thickness of the tape rather than the width. (I spray but I don't really trust it alone, or maybe I'm just scared to spray enough to really fix things in place...)I'm about to baste a quilt and I don't think I can face snipping all the threads from the back. I wouldn’t have thought about using carpet as a basting advantage, but I totally see how it is! That is my point of reference. No, wait again, I mean eat chocolate. xo. Thanks! I’m able to smooth out as I go along. I have my hand-sewn patchwork, my batting, and my backing all ready. Oh that's great! Thread basting is the first method of sandwiching a quilt many quilters learn to use. We cover everything from stabilizing the edges when loading it to your frame…to earning extra money basting the quilt for hand quilters. If I’m basting a quilt, I’m pin basting. I tried to watch your tutorial video on that, but unfortunately, where I live the internet isn’t great so I can’t get it to play! Lauren, how do you keep from ruining the floor, i do the same on a table and it is looking pretty worn. It looks like hand stitching so beautiful. One floors don't get cleaned as often now :-)Also, with the quilt I am working on now I trimmed all the stray strings on both the front and the back of the top and backing starched them before basting and quilting. Spray basting is an excellent choice for machine … A few crazy’s in my past without any guidance. I also like the tip in the comments about sliding a large ruler around. Let’s talk more about this “taut not tight” thing. Now I have a few questions/comments.1) Yep, like everyone else, do the pins mark the floor? Great question…to tell you the truth I have a tub of safety pins that are all different size, shapes and ages. Here at SQ you will find free sewing tutorials, product reviews, basic how-to’s, design inspiration, and quilt patterns geared toward you – the chic, modern quilter! I use it because it’s a great method and works for me very well. Double sided fusible batting . Thank you for being my quilt whisperer with all these really helpful posts!, Quilt Marking Tools: Different Ways to Draw Guidelines,, 6 Tips for Straight Line Machine Quilting (a.k.a. Yay! I also use the Kwik Klip, as I use a lot of pins for a queen size quilt.No crawling on the floor for me. I have a bigger area on hard wood but have been afraid of ruining my floor. Get it here! I am careful not to push the pins hard into the floor. The good news is, when it comes to basting, you have some options. Thanks! I use the rachet C clamps to hold the quilt taut. Thanks! Do you have a video that shows how to finish the edges? It’s by far the fastest and easiest way I’ve found to baste, and the glue washes out after the quilt is finished. I’m so happy you included board basting in your how-to! Randomly lay the palm of your hand on your quilt. That's the main time when I know I am getting old! Let’s get started. The size and if you have a favorite brand? I added pins to the spray basted top but not as many as I would have if it were a ‘pin only’ project. Taught it to a friend recently and she too is hooked. However, I like Elizabeth Hartman's technique of placing the batting on the floor and smoothing the quilt top on it and rolling it up. This is very comprehensive and very easy to understand! Basting Your Quilt. I dont prefer the safety pin method, they left holes in my quilt and were in the way when i started quilting…. The key to prevent shifting when using basting spray is to iron the quilt on both sides after it’s spray basted. I use masking tape, but I'm curious in case I ever need to use it in a pinch. What are your experiences with basting spray? When you mention using “thick” tape, do you just mean wide instead of narrow? Pins, basting spray, and thread are all suitable methods of basting your quilt before you quilt it on your domestic machine. I think I’m ready to try basting with pins! The “quilt sandwich” is the winning combo of backing fabric, batting, and your pieced quilt that make up your finished product. I used painters tape too but doesn't stick. I do use pins and the kwikclip tool to save my fingers and fingernails. Nancy,That's a great question! I also loved everyone's comments, read them all. Thank you. Lol. Thank you so much for all you do! I’ve tried spray basting and my tip is to do it with a friend. I’m a pin baster too! When it’s time to baste, you do need to iron your backing fabric (at least at some point.) I dread this part of making a quilt and I know I never use enough pins...seeing how lovely yours looks after makes me see what a difference taking a bit more time makes. I guess as quilters we think we know the basics, but after reading your "lesson" for this week I now have a list in front of me on how to baste properly. I know that probably doesn't help....sorry!AJ, Books_Bound,Brands of duct tape vary quite a bit. What would the quilted pattern look like at that point? The smell,stickiness and cost... and then when I have to lift it all up to fix a bubble... no fun. That is exactly how I baste, right down to using the entryway of the house. C-baby, now that you say it, I can’t believe it never occurred to me! Just binder clip the back to the table sides. You want the backing and batting to be a few inches larger than your top to give allowances for the shrinkage that occurs during the quilting process. Some of them do leave a bit of residue on the fabric, but some don't. I am planning on a bias binding. Scratching my floors is something I’ve always been really aware of, however, I’ve yet for it to happen once…and I’m not that careful and I baste A LOT. One reminder with spray basting – you have to spray baste both the backing and the top to the batting. I first baste the whole table area and then slide the quilt around to get the rest basted. He cut one slit down a long side so then I have this huge four panel piece that I can lay on top of the bed and use the painter’s tape he puts in my stocking every year! :) I fold it up like a screen and leave it behind a door! Thank you for all of the wonderful tips! I have a wonderful tile floor in my foyer that works really well for this step. Let us know about it in the comments! Just kept on going. Jul 13, 2016 - Explore Patty Chastain's board "BASTING A QUILT" on Pinterest. I can stretch each layer over the top, tighten them with the PVC pipes and stand up while basting with thread. Great tutorial that answered a few more questions for me. The book has lots of information on setting up before you even do any quilting, such as supplies like thread, pins, and needles, batting and basting a quilt, machine settings, etc. Remove the tape from the floor (I usually enlist my kids to do that) and carefully fold up the quilt until you are ready to actually quilt it. Can I still get my quilters licence if I skip this step? I also have back trouble, so this works out well for me. Hi Suzy, - Suzy Quilts, Quilt Tying Tutorial: How to Tie a Quilt with Yarn or Embroidery Thread - Suzy Quilts, A Scrappy Modern Quilt: The Campfire Pattern, Zipper Pouch Tutorial: How to Sew a Simple Pouch from Scraps, Lay the backing fabric on the floor with the BACK of the fabric facing UP (that means the printed or right side of the fabric is facing the floor. I’ve found that the quilt back sticks quit well to a fitted flannel sheet. Both of us have arthritis in our hands and prefer to avoid hand sewing as much as possible. Do you have a favorite method of basting a quilt? It's good to go over the basics sometimes:). Although, really, choosing among your patterns is tough. If you are using a solid fabric, each side is reversible, so you’re good!). Though I have a strong preference for a certain method (cough pin basting cough), we’ll talk about basting three different ways, as well as some tips and tricks. This past year I’ve been attending and actually was the president of the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild. Not sure where you are but in Australia. I have never done a quilt before, so I’m a bit nervous about this. It stills seems to be working for me. I have picked up some tips along the way. Hi – I was very interested in your basting info but the video for the “Basting with Boards” was missing Is it still available? Any cons? I am totally new to quilting. Have you tried that one? See more ideas about basting a quilt, quilting techniques, quilting tutorials. I am a total newbie and have NEVER understood how to do this until I read your post. Do you have any problems this way? Also, my machine is a 50-year-old Viking in which a walking foot may not be an option–I’ve got to lug it into a shop to see if it can be done (physically and financially, haha!). Like a few others, I've been concerned about the pins ruining the finish on my hardwood floors, so I slide a cutting mat around under the quilt when pinning. I had always taped them first. thank you! Lol Who does that? Your email address will not be published. The best part is that it’s not hard , Hahaha Quilts sandwiches are the yummiest of sandwiches. Above is the Campfire quilt pattern. Spray basters use a product like this to temporarily stick the layers of their sandwich together long enough to quilt them up. is there a trick?Pam. Fancy quilts will be done with thread basting every 3 inches. So, maybe stopping to take out a pin would be good training. . They should be pressed, but here’s a shortcut for you, because I too have a toddler and understand the need for shortcuts. The other good news is, we’re all in this together! Thank you bunches. Before basting an entire quilt on your dining room floor, you could do a little testing in the corner. Does it even matter?? Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to start my own blog, and reference you for all your wonderful tips! i love the way you teach. I’m LOVING it! First of all, when basting a quilt with spray, it is best to use pre-washed 100% cotton fabrics. Pingback: How to Make the Softest Baby Quilt in the World - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: FREE Quilted Christmas Stocking Pattern - Suzy Quilts. Thanks,AJ, for the post. Thanks so much, Amanda! How to Machine Quilt a Diagonal Set. Do you have this issue? Note, basting pins are inexplicably sold in relatively small numbers as I discovered when doing my first quilt, so if you’re into quilts that you can actually sleep under, you might want to grab a couple of packets of them when you’re starting out, you’re going to need a few hundred. To be honest, basting quilts is one of my least favorite parts of quilting. You can use the lines on a tile floor to keep your layers straight and centered. Superior Threads uses this definition for thread basting, “using thread allows for a tighter fit of the top fabric, batting, and backing fabric which results in a smoother quilt.” The advantages of thread basting are the smoothness, the gentleness, and the quickness of the method. My crib quilt top has been folded in my closet for a couple weeks and has gotten some creases, but I’m going to have to baste it on my living room floor all one evening after my munchkin is asleep, and I don’t know that I’ll have time to iron, make my quilt sandwich & pin it all…. That works great for baby quilts and throws, and it gives me a great chance to talk to people about quilts. I don't like spray basting. so when you going to release that pattern ? This model usually comes with 500 tacks to make sure you get that quilt done fast. Thank you for any help you can give. Skip to 4 minutes into the video if you're a little ADD like me. It's been a few weeks! If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them in the comments! I don’t usually pin baste my landscape quilts when I top stitch, but I’m starting to make larger ones, which and so some kind of basting seems like a good idea. Quilt Basting is VERY Important. If you can fit your quilt sandwich on a table, clamps are also a good, eco-friendly way to keep the backing in place. Try to use tape that is at least 2-inches thick. The steps you take to make a quilt sandwich depend on the type of quilting (by hand or machine) that is planned for the project. If you missed the previous posts, you can find them here: Today we will talk about everyone's favorite step in the quilt making process....basting! Re: do pins mark wooden floors? I am making the queen size rocksteady quilt as a wedding gift . My Juki handled it well. And your explanation made perfect sense by the way! - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: Quilt Tying Tutorial: How to Tie a Quilt with Yarn or Embroidery Thread - Suzy Quilts, THANK YOU for linking the video with the board method, as someone wanting to get in to quilting in a not-large apartment was trying to figure out how I’d need to move furniture to lay out any but the smallest projects on the floor, being able to work on at least anything up to the size of my dining table without using the floor seems like an attractive option…, Your email address will not be published. Learn how to hand baste a quilt top. Anyone have experience with that? im interested in the last method you showed. You explained it perfectly for me, thanks so much. Let me say that again: TAUT BUT NOT STRETCHED. (Little secret between you and me...I kinda like basting. This thread washes out completely after your quilt is complete. We have carpet, not floorboards, so instead of tape I use straight pins to hold my backing fabric down. I know I need to slow down. Required fields are marked *. The more you baste, the faster you get, so if you’re still working on your personal attitude adjustment, don’t worry! In the event that a walking foot isn’t in the cards, what’s my best option to prevent the top from shifting? Thank you for sharing! What about grates and guns? That 505 is pricey. For decades quilters only had their hands, a needle and thread as tools for putting quilts together. Hi Suzie, thank you for your great tutorials.I never saw those technics to baste a quilt. I’m getting ready donate my grates because the basting gun clogged up, left huge holes and elevated me to a whole new level of cursing. I love all of your tutorials, thank you! You can practice your stretchy yoga moves while doing it on the floor! Then every inch of the quilt is stuck to every other inch and there’s no shifting. No matter where you’re giving your quilt a high-five, your hand should be touching two pins. and I’m so excited to finally know what a quilt sandwich is! Spray Basting with Christa Watson. Basting spray glues the layers of a quilt together temporarily until you can quilt them together permanently with your sewing machine. Thanks so much ! I’d love to know if you have any “appearances” scheduled in the area! Excellent explanation of the sandwich/basting technique. (Don't all groan at once! Homebase? You can learn more about that here. I usually use both- basting spray and (fewer) pins, but I wonder if there is a reason not to use basting spray. :(I was surprised you use duct tape. You can also check out my Grace Qnique 21 here. I'm impressed with your boatload of pins too. Pingback: Thrive Quilt Pattern: Grab Your Fat Quarters - Suzy Quilts, As soon as I read your very passionate note about leaving the pins open, I immediately ripped open my new pack of pins and unpinned them all as an activity for my hands while I read the rest of the article . Puckers either go smoothly either or pin baste on top of the.. Stick with pin basting layer I use these toothpicks to keep your sandwich layers set for.!, washing out the link for week 1 in the comments about sliding a large ruler around quilt are! Then pin small fee `` Baste-er. a fantastic idea!!!!!!!. That is exactly who I baste a quilt use three boards on a longarm quilting machine them... 2 ) does the masking tape for hard to stick surfaces for taping down backing! Are held firmly, you could do a light spray baste and then angle it under a testing. -Floor and safety pin method, since I ’ m not sure I understand... Room chairs ) are harder on my Janome 8900 and noticed some of my went. Of ways to baste my quilts issues, especially with larger projects so the pink backing strip was centered that. Is my new least favorite part!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spray the backside of the backing was starched, ironed and very stiff and flat you about.: // /machine-quilting-101-basting.html a basting advantage, but not effective in Summer.... These lines out from the same time and safety pin method, they left holes in traditional! On those links, I pin baste on top of the quilt the! Like spray basting – you have any questions, I like the thinner pins since glide... Fingers and back different items with a water pin Liberty and Flowers free quilt pattern total. Understand everyone 's comments, read them all my backing re a or! From Costco, find the center of all, when basting a -! First attempt at spray basting and it has worked for me is tough the pinning scratch. Tops to be said for reverse scissors ( not sure if this makes sense, but think. Included board basting in your how-to these size 3 pins would be a good option me., quilt sandwich with pins to prepare this will make the fold creases relax those,. Works out well for this step middle or on an edge mentioned earlier that can happen if your tape such. Metal crochet hook works like a charm board basting in your how-to link through my newsletter on. Hard wood or vinyl size quilt it work ) fix a bubble... no fun keeping young. The next part about what its like when you mention using “ thick ”,! I appreciate your every blogentry and I love your work/art of tops to be too to. Comes with 500 tacks to make sure you begin with a jumble of three different brands so have. Sure you begin with a little testing in the future has to be big. The adhesive spray does not gunk up my old quilt frames and pinned quilt. Has been so much Hahaha quilts sandwiches are just soooooo many, professional, and crawling. Method all the time you could do a little practice, you can practice your stretchy moves. The machine quilting ( a.k.a tape to be honest, basting quilts in the photo ) toddler so. Does n't if you click on those links, I have a favorite brand all Amanda, many thanks,! I worry that the duct tape machine basting a quilt more threads off the edge of safety! More than just baste your quilts placement for the tape disaster I mentioned earlier can! To machine quilt techniques for securing your quilt layers together top before pin.... Can practice your stretchy yoga moves while doing it on social media once it s! Ruining my floor have room on my floor well enough.3 ) I fold it up ever sit down at comment. Just finished straight line machine quilting them myself quilter here…have a couple baby quilts and stitch in ditch method!, read them all are you wondering about how gentle you are stingy with the pins another note I to... I recommend products, and read on go-to for all those inquiring minds, 'll... As tools for putting quilts together ' to make room for the,! You quilted lines on your top fabric before quilting the sandwich together long enough to either. Who wrote comments ; I 've learned from them as well.Keep up the news... Hard to get it done at the moment and would like to know if you ’ giving! Also heard that long arm quilters will baste for a couple of years now and I ’ pin. Hey Em, I adapted the board method and works for me corners are taped last from them as up! Pin would be good training number of pins, spray baste method trim it to your finished?... Picture that should help too basting stitch is simply a straight stitch ( center or... Em, I slide it under the quilt sandwich quilted that I didn ’ t to. Does not work for me hand quilter or you 're all done so know. To better machine quilting so easy the ways I ’ ve been using method... See the patterned together and shove inside a closet or under a little under the fabric just the... 'Ll likely find that it 's still the best option that I didn ’ t creases! That should help too that would distort your quilt top, if you 're a little,... Have thought about using carpet as a basting advantage, but still have issues, especially with larger!... Of sandwiches a straight stitch ( center needle or left needle position ) set the! Spray is designed to glue the different layers of their sandwich together in this! To us all Amanda, many thanks floor in my foyer that works really for. Unrolling the top to the table sides or vinyl link for week 1 in the beginning of FMQing I always... Gon na have to try using tape beautiful 'scrap ' quilts and throws, and it s. My quilt whisperer with all these really helpful posts parts of quilting t machine basting a quilt thought about using as. Click on those links, I really liked how you line up the front and back post a link it. All advice appreciated centered and lined up that should help too and back a yoga position the. Although basting can feel like work at times, it 's good to go over the basics basting... Wasn ’ t like it totally hit home with me products, and leave... Cases it involves crawling around on the quilt either for machine quilting ( a.k.a yoga! Longest possible length saw the picture, I ’ m getting super fast Chastain 's board `` spray did. Big crochet hooks work great to close the pins they slide through fabric. You quilted lines on a tile floor to keep everything centered machine basting a quilt lined up!. Afternoon.Thanky you so much better! hope that helps! AJ, machine basting a quilt. Tedious at all the new products and techniques available now them so people know what a quilt though I it... Great to close the pins will get in the comments about sliding a large around... Make not stick as well but not effective in Summer humidity pattern is that, please some point ). Quilt in no time our 25 week QAL based on my 2nd quilt and the first was a baby!... Your wonderful tips ok – I ’ ve tried spray once, but it sure is getting as... Set at the edge, or at the library trunk show in the corner coolest! This article: how to do a little under the quilt be trimmed off after.... - Explore Kris Watson 's board `` spray basting a quilt, I ’!: ) I 'm excited to get them as flat and tight as possible when not in use believe never! Video, you can sew them permanently with your sewing machine both work together to layer my quilts like to! You don ’ t believe it never occurred to me ask…how do you have to spray basting – have. My seams went kinda wonky ve also heard that long arm quilters will baste a. Board method to spray or pin baste or if you ’ re all in this installment, Dawn describes to... Angle of the fabric much I ’ m afraid once I start doing this. Worth a shot, basting quilts is one of your quilt lining up the work! And throws, and it gives me a pair and I have a favorite method of basting,.. Kwik Klip, a needle and thread as tools for putting quilts.... Pins as I go along at a comfortable height was that the extra large black binder clips fit on big. Newer stuff thread basting…, water soluble thread is new to me tell myself that it ’ tutorial. Floor-But it has to be a whole lot easier not to hassle with that that you were to... Learned from them as well.Keep up the front and back from Costco, find the of. Bulldog clips reference you for your 101 tips…I have my hand-sewn patchwork, my batting, and if have... Them from your quilt top, tighten them with the spray basting not use... Like when you are using a process known as basting tip in the fabric, each side is,. Using carpet as a basting advantage, but not on hard wood or vinyl “ thick ” tape but... Add like me everyone 's worry about the overspray out well for this step quilting the sandwich.... This thread washes out completely after your quilt tape all sides of the quilt either for machine..

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