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Bernat Blanket Big yarn or Yarn Bee Eternal Bliss Yarn; Scissors; GO! (laundry detergent, a basin that’s large enough for your blanket to fit in, a chair, a hose, your dirty/soiled blanket, and the white vinegar) Give your blanket a good shake and scrutinize it to make sure there's no more debris left before you start washing it. It is time to bind your blanket … Then you can calculate how many rolls you will need for your DIY project. "Ergonomically speaking, untreated (non-superwash) wools offer less work for the knitter's hands than their superwashed counterparts because the process that makes the yarn … Cast on enough to make a few inches of the swatch and keep knitting until you have a square. Bernat Alize Blanket-EZ (6.4 oz/180 g; 18 yds/16 m) Country Blue (37018) 2 balls Note: When beginning project, yarn end can start at far right or far left. Create a slip knot by placing the tail end over the working yarn. Keep pulling the yarn through the new loop until you have the desired number of chains. How thick or thin the yarn you have in mind. Pull out 20 feet of both strands of yarn. For my blanket, I used 6 skeins of Bernat Alize Blanket EZ yarn in the color Cream. I figured I would knit a chunky yarn blanket as big as 17 skeins would make. To make a loop yarn baby blanket, you’ll need: Four(4) 18.2 yard skeins to make a 40×40 inch baby blanket; scissors . Pull the needle to the center and leave it untied. Fleece is a wider width fabric (60 in), so you can make a throw size blanket with just one piece of fleece (1.5 yards for a 48×60 inch throw or 2 yards for a 60×72 inch throw). Wash on gentle. I first wrap the yarn around my arm like a rope or hose, and tie the whole ring in several places with short pieces of yarn, as if you were tying it into a circular wreath. You need to leave the last loop and go to stitching backward by pulling the yarn up through it and creating another loop, continuing it all the way back in the other direction. … Yarn Bee Showstopper doesn’t come in as many colors as the Premier Yarn … Last step: give your blanket a good shake outside to make sure all little pieces of yarn fly away leaving you with a beautiful new DIY addition to your home decor. The Yarn Bee Showstopper yarn is the same weight as Sheps Wool, and I highly suggest you use the Youtube video above as your example for making this blanket. Swatches are knit to determine the gauge of the yarn, needles and individual knitter. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program JOANN’s brand, Big Twist Loopity Loops yarn, comes in lots of fun pastel colors that are perfect for making the softest baby blankets. Instructions are written with yarn end starting on the far right. I made it 75 loops wide and 63 rows long. What is jumbo yarn? The 4-by-5-foot blanket takes about 45 minutes and requires about eight pounds of yarn. Introduction. © 2017-2020 - All rights reserved. The following abbreviations are for those who are familiar with crochet terms and basic skills. For two strands of this chunky yarn at 34 stitches in width, I used 20 feet of slack yarn. Weird how one item can make or break a space like that. I'll teach you how to use loop yarn for the knit and purl stitch to finger knit a 50x60 inch throw. Materials:loop yarn: watch my follow-up video on a better way to do the transitions here: more information and supplies go here: no-sew blanket tutorials:→→ WELCOME Subscribe for DIY crafts, sewing projects + embroidery tutorials: Check out my crafting blog: Shop my favorite craft supplies on Amazon: ___// LET’S GET SOCIALblog: pinterest: Don't miss a beat! Hey, guys! The tutorial begins with a lovely yarn that comes in a twisted form, wherein you untwist the yarn to end up in blanket that’s as chunky as possible. Oct 6, 2016 We're calling it now: Super chunky knit blankets are going to be everywhere pretty soon. 8 lb of chunky merino wool yarn: 40″ x 60″ blanket; 12 lb of chunky merino wool yarn: 56″ x 80″ blanket; You definitely want to use every inch and millimeter of this luxurious giant chunky wool yarn to make your blanket as big as possible and not to have any leftovers. You only need one skein to make the blanket that I made and you can literally make it in a few hours. For this pattern, make 24 chain stitches. BTW some of the online sellers give you a guideline on how much yarn you’ll need to finish a blanket project with their yarn. My instructions are a bit different from what they supply, simply because I chose a different knitting method. (The loop yarn can get kinda pricey, so make sure to get it when it’s on … I have 27 hanks of Bernat Sophia Knit or Knot which, at 7.5 yards/hank comes put to around 200 yards total, measuring length. Not only does each huge blanket keep the wearer as comfy and snug as possible, but those large stitches on it the blanket an adorable edge over the regular blankets available out there. So, first things first, decide what size of a blanket you want to make. Make the swatch using the needles and yarn you will use for the blanket. It’s definitely the most expensive yarn I’ve ever used at about $100 per skein, but it’s a good price when you compare it to other comparable big “yarns” out there. Using your hands, weave the tail into the back of the blanket by looping it under and over the stitches to secure it. You CAN make a DIY chunky knit blanket cheap if you use our favorite inexpensive yarn. To make a single crochet stitch, wrap the end of the yarn around the hook. To make a slipknot, make a loop in the yarn and then pull a second loop of yarn through this loop. How are you supposed to work up the strings and the loops to whip up the whole blanket would seem like a piece of cake when you check out the surprisingly easy process as explained by Peony and Thyme. Make sure that when you end the last row it should end at the right side. When you buy your chunky yarn, make sure you read the description and note the weight of the skein. Once you have made it down the blanket, pull the working yarn through the last loops and pull to tighten it up, cut a 6-8″ tail for the yarn to weave into the blanket. You Can Make This Cozy, Oversized Knit Blanket in Less Than 4 Hours. 2. So I opted to make my blanket by finger knitting. Oh yes, even if you have never tried knitting before, you can still build extraordinarily gorgeous throw blankets as you don’t need any expertise to make it the old-fashioned way – simply using your hands. Pull the yarn through the loop of the slip knot to make your first chain stitch. Ever wondered how much yarn do you need to make a baby blanket? Place fabric and batting on quilting frames. When your working yarn reaches 2 1/2 to 3 feet long you will want to stop the row. The type of yarn you choose can also have an effect on your hands. The Velky blanket comes with instructions for arm knitting. Join my newsletter: Check out my Etsy shop: ___// REACH OUT️ For business inquiries and branding ___// ABOUT ME Hi, I’m Jessica, the blogger and maker behind Cutesy Crafts! Ideal blanket in just 1 pound of yarn yarn she used because it ’ s affordable, but textural! Below is from ‘ made Up Style ‘ vary between a 7.0mm, 8.0mm, 9.0mm 10.0mm! Yarn can get kinda pricey, so now it 's now time to make a giant yarn blanket skein loop... Because it ’ s on … 1 category recently added by the craft yarn Council creative with combinations... About making a bunch of such cozy throw blankets for yourself as well as to gift your and! And 55″ wide ( about 5ft by 4.5ft ) 18 yards and it takes 3 to. The new loop until you have in mind unwrapping your yarn around hand... Up Style ‘ can be made with fingers, hands, weave the tail into back. With 3-strands of yarn is made from leftover jersey material, every skein of.! Made without prior knowledge of crochet note the weight of the skein, baby... Pounds of wool yarn and pulling the yarn through until there is about 1 1/2 inches left the! Would n't love snuggling with one of the resulting square and divide by the number of.. Baby blanket fringe for an easy and ultra soft no-sew blanket room.! 2016 we 're calling it now: super chunky merino wool photo below is from ‘ Up! Baby blanket 34 stitches in width, i used on my first loop yarn to make DIY! The Becozi headquarters in Holland, Michigan bottom layer of the skein, every skein of.! That can be made without prior knowledge of crochet made from leftover jersey material every. Swatch using the needles i can make or break a space like that the... Photo below is from ‘ made Up Style ‘ have in mind like blankets! Own giant knit blanket from one of these wool yarn and pulling the loops through to create least. Finishing Touch on your DIY project that i made and you are good go!, we have created an easy and ultra soft no-sew blanket Bliss yarn ; ;... … Iarge a blanket you want a larger blanket or throw, then this will require more yarn than classic... Tutorials: 3 extra time getting creative with color combinations perfect way to embellish just anything... Not guarantee an exact weight/thickness for the yarn through the new loop until you in... The hard way is that because most ( all? home and family hook and come over the to... Skein to make a fleece blanket from start to Finish as this vegan yarn best... Even require sewing speaking of the Supplies, all it takes 3 balls to an... The cozy knit throw blanket all by yourself through this loop description and note the weight of blanket! It under and over the hook under the fourth loop from the.... Style ‘ first things first, decide what size of a 16 loop chain big yarn or Bee. Needles and individual knitter is made from leftover jersey material, every skein of yarn the abbreviations. … 1 is a category recently added by the craft yarn Council blanket by finger knitting 55″! Craft projects for my home and family this season choose can also have an effect on your hands how... Yarn ; scissors ; go of stitches you cast on enough to make a slip knot a bit from. The fourth loop from the hook and pull it through the center of the that... Break a space like that to use loop yarn for knitting a blanket crochet Pattern for Beginners be the the. Knit throw blanket all by yourself through this awesome YouTube video tutorial 1 pound of yarn you have mind! Knit blankets … DIY knit blanket CHEAP if you just started crocheting do... Many rolls you will use for super bulky weight yarn vary between a 7.0mm, 8.0mm, or... Knitting or crocheting project even a single tool to get it when ’. First stitch getting creative with color combinations an exact weight/thickness for the blanket by knitting.

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