how to oil tuba valves

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When oiling the valves, remember the bottom section of the valve needs oil, not the top section. Place the circular felt rings back on the valve stems, put the valve caps back on and screw them into The Hillje Horn Showcase 2019 provides a fantastic opportunity to try an expanded selection, Cleaning and Disinfecting Band Instruments A clean instrument is a happy instrument. The spring sits on a small valve guide which has to be aligned in the casing. Screw the valve cap into place but not too tight. Copyright 2018 Hillje Music Centers, LLC. 1) Cleaning cloth or towel the valve should operate smoothly. This can also apply to Baritones, Euphoniums and Tubas. Although not traditionally associated with construction of a valve, end connection selection is critical to the overall makeup of … Re-insert the valve with number facing the mouthpiece. Here are the reasons to use synthetic valve oil, along with a description of the differences between regular oils and synthetic oils. How To Oil Trumpet Valves video Potential Problems That May Occur After Oiling The trumpet can’t be blown. Remove the valve cap and apply some rotor spindle oil to the spindle and in the center of the rotor. This will align the valve guide in the slot. There is also a small slot in the wall of the valve casing. A password reset link will be sent to you by email. It is typically mostly mineral oil with a small amount of other ingredients, although synthetic oils are increasingly available. Place the instrument on the towel with the bell side on the bottom. Tired with my struggling attempts to play on the tuba, I purchased and ordered How to oil rotary valves of the french horn, rotary valve trumpet, trombone, or tuba. Rotary valves require two types of oil. All of the different moving parts need to be continually oiled and greased to operate correctly and ensure that the right notes are played. The knobs on the tuba and trumpet are called valves. To protect your pistons, however, it is Apply oil to the inside of the valve casings, place oil on the outside of the valves and insert them back into the valve casing. This achieves a controlled, fixed sampling location. Clean your valves once a week: if your valves get too dirty, they will stop working efficiently, which will leave you with a Euphonium you’ll be unable to enjoy. Unscrew the valve cap counter-clockwise, and place it to the side where you can easily access it later. With the cap successfully removed, slide the valve upward. Simply playing a scale proved to be difficult with the tuba’s sticky valve buttons. All rights reserved - 2020, How to Play the Tuba : How to Oil Tuba Valves, How to Practice Playing Tuba : Training Your Ear to Play the Tuba, How to Play the Tuba : Crescendos & Decrescendos: Playing Tuba, Carnegie Hall Tuba Master Class: Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries, How to Play the Tuba : Tuba Breathing Techniques, How to Play the Tuba : Tuba Embouchure Tips, How to Play the Tuba : Tonguing & Breathing Tuba Tips, Tips for Learning the Tuba : How to Play the E Flat Major Scale on the Tuba. [10 Day Guitar Starter Course]. Brass instruments like trumpets and French horns need a lot of lubrication to work properly. It is not necessary to drench the valve in oil. Sample valves are installed into ports located on sumps and oil circulating lines for clean and efficient oil sampling. Oil one valve at a time. Place the instrument on the towel with the bell side on the bottom. Put a few drops of valve oil around the top of them and twist them back in to place on the tuba. The information we offer is from our in-house laboratories and field tests, and is the result of a company we started in 1972; however, please understand that although we manufacture valve oil… Apply oil along the bottom section of the valve. One of them is even still in the down position. Cleaning and disinfecting band instruments shared among students helps maintain a happy, healthy. In this tutorial, Mr. Selfridge shows you how! Tuba Lessons: Parts of a Tuba : What is a Tuba? Notice the top of the valve is thinner than the bottom of the valve, and the top has a spring inside it. 2) Valve oil. The instrument’s tuning slides and valves were in dire need of valve oil. Be sure the valve is up far enough so that you can see it, but … How to oil trumpet valves From avitulli on August 26th, 2019 8 Prepare to insert the slides. Lay out a towel on a flat surface. To keep your trumpet valves moving smoothly, you need to oil your valves at least a few times a week. The Best Tips & Free Online Music Lessons for your favourite instrument. Part of the series: Tuba Maintenance. Notice the number “2” is stamped on the side of the valve near the spring assembly. Oil one valve at a time. Oil the valves one at a time. Oil the valves of a tuba to get the best sound from it; learn how with tips from our expert tuba player in this free tuba video music lesson on brass instruments. Many people remember to apply oil before playing but are tempted to quickly return the tuba to its case when finished. I was able to push 2 of them up, but now i can't even push them down! It can be fixed by pulling the valve back out and Before putting the slides back in, put a small amount of slide grease on the part that goes inside the tuba and rub on with a paper towel, not … http://www.qandf.comEver wondered how to properly oil euphonium or baritone valves to maintain that brand new feeling? How to Oil Valves on a Trumpet In this video, I demonstrate the proper way to oil valves on a trumpet. James Boldin Recommended for you 6:44 Exercise to Improve Double Tonguing Technique On Trumpet - Duration: 12:43. To help clear up some of the mystery, here is the official Yamaha-approved method for oiling brass instrument piston valves, and tips for avoiding common mistakes. All rights reserved. Unscrew the top valve cap and pull the valve all the way out. The first valve is the one closest to the mouthpiece. The second valve slide should be facing up. VALVE OILS vs PERFORMANCE INTRODUCTION: Our company was founded by a musician and a chemist, hence the name MusiChem, Inc. Lay out a towel on a flat surface. By this, oil will spread properly, and the valve will work more efficiently. How to Oil Tuba Valves. We would suggest you take each of the valves out, clean and oil them When oiling the valves, remember the bottom section of the valve needs oil, not the top section. The second valve slide should be facing up. Apply some rotor spindle oil to the rotor spin- dle and its receiver. Types of Oil There are many different types of oil. Okay, so I haven't played my tuba for a month because of a vacation. So, after oiling the valves, you should check whether they set The oil can be applied by putting a few drops down the leadpipe. Older horn valves can be ‘clankier’ and would benefit from a heavier rotor oil on the top and back, but be sure to Valve oil is a lubricant for valves of brass instruments. Sample valves can help prevent leakage and accidental sample Benefits of Joining School Band and Orchestra, Cleaning and Disinfecting Band Instruments. When I got home, and tried to play on my tuba all the keys got stuck in the down position. The Benefits of Encouraging Students to Join the School Band and Orchestra When you’re a student, extracurricular activities are probably one of the most exciting, Hillje Horn Showcase 2019, Friday & Saturday, November 15 & 16. Standard practice includes oiling your piston valves before and after playing. We are oiling the second valve – the one in the middle. I use simple and inexpensive tools you can get anywhere. *1 Fingerings for the lower notes may change depending on the tuba's make or model. All brass players know how to oil the valves of their instruments, right? If the valves are stuck, that creates many problems. The knobs on a french horn are often called valves or rotors. What do I do?!?! Materials Needed: There is a “1” and a “3” stamped on the other valves too. Unfortunately, all too often, this is not the case. ? Oil the valves of a tuba to get the best sound from it; learn how with tips from our expert tuba player in this free tuba video music lesson on brass instruments. Look inside the valve casing and notice the top of the casing is wider than the bottom of the casing. Everything you ever wanted to know about valve oil but were afraid to ask. You’ll need a thicker oil for the outside, and then the standard valve oil from the rest of this post for the valve itself. Valves come with a variety of different end connections. Question: What is the difference among all these different kinds of valves used on oil piping and at the oil burner or oil tank What is the difference among all these different kinds of valves used on oil piping and at the oil burner or oil tank: check valve, fusible link valve, fire-o-matic type valve, vacuum operated valves, quickstop valves, solenoid valves, and oil delay valves. Enter the username or e-mail you used in your profile. After closing the valve cap, move the lever a few times to distribute the oil evenly. *2 Slide 1 and slide 4 fully open *3 Slide 1 almost fully open Even with four valves, fingerings change with compensating systems. I have no preference for piston or rotary valves, but IMO rotaries require less attention to It does not take much oil, maybe 4-8 drops on each valve. Once unscrewed, lift the valve up and it will come out of the trumpet. This is likely due to having placed the valve in backwards. You only need 2 or 3 small drops of oil. I DO recommend that, if you oil through a slide, you drip the oil down the center so you don’t wash a lot of slide grease into the valve. A few drops will help conserve the oil so that your … 2. 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